Our farm is growing mushrooms Since 1987. We have over 20 years tradition as a mushrooms growers. Our experiences has been supported by trainings in Poland and abroad, but also by cooperation with scientists and wide conacts from mushrooms sphere.
 From the beginning our parents Agnieszka I Mirosław Markiewicz has started very modestly with only 2 tunnels on area  160m2 each. Our farm has expanded gradually and after few years has reached 960m2 area to grow.
 Watching the changes on the European market we have decided in the year 2000 to built new very modern building which could allow to run a growing of mushrooms in fully controlled conditions. It had significant  influence for increasing of quality of mushrooms. In 2001 we have started with 6 rooms on 2280m2 total area, and 2 years later with next 6 rooms.

To following in changes in mushrooms branch our farm has changed technology in 2003. We have replaced phase II compost with phase III compost which had also significant influence for increasing in  efficiency.
 In 2005 we have expanded area of growing up to 16 rooms and in 2007 up to 24 rooms 380m2 each.

At present our farm has almost 11000m2 area of growing, which allow us to produce over 60 tones of mushrooms per week.